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thomas intubation pack
TT410 - Intubation Kit

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Thomas EMS Intubation Kit

ems intubation packThe Thomas Intubation kit is protected throughout by three large pieces of foam to prevent any damage to blades syringes, drugs, or tubes. The Thomas Transport Pack Airway Kit is designed to easily slip into the large front pocket or drug box pocket of the ALS, EMP and MSP. The inside section is designed to hold:

  • Laryngoscope blades and a medium or large handle
  • Multiple size syringes from 10cc to 60cc
  • Two sizes of Magill forceps and guide
  • Lockable vinyl pocket for drugs or other accessories including batteries, smaller
    size syringes and airways
  • Two other pockets (one vinyl) for storing up to 14 ET tubes and holders

Dimensions: 13” x 9” x 3.5”


thomas ems intubation pouch
TT400 - Intubation Pouch

Thomas EMS Intubation Pouch

Our intubation pouch can hold all necessary intubation equipment required to perform a neonate, child or adult intubation.

There are specific pockets or elastics for: intubation handle, tongue blades, tonsil suckers, curved blades ,straight blades ,10cc syringe, xylocaine jelly, umbilical tape, extra light bulbs and batteries. It also has a belt clip on the back.

Dimensions: 8" x 4" x 2"



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