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emergency medical pack
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TT200 - Emergency Medical Pack, Blue

TT200S - Emergency Medical Pack (Shell Only), Blue

TT210 - Emergency Medical Pack (Clear IV Bags), Blue

TT240 - Emergency Medical Pack, Black

TT240S - Emergency Medical Pack (Shell Only) Black

TT241 - Emergency Medical Pack (Clear IV Bags), Black

TTFF240 - Emergency Medical Pack,
Fluid Free
, Black


TTFF240s - Emergency Medical Pack,
Fluid Free
, Black (Shell Only)

Fluid Free

TTFF241 - Emergency Medical Pack,
Fluid Free
, Black (Clear I.V. bag)


fluid free emp


Thomas EMS Emergency Medical Pack

The Emergency Medical Pack will carry a "C" sized oxygen bottle with lateral mount regulator, airway equipment, I.V. fluids, and drugs necessary in the early care of critically ill or injured patients.


  • 3 exterior removable insert pouches
  • One Large exterior pocket for additional equipment and supplies

All removable cases and pouches are securely fastened in the pack to avoid loss of equipment and supplies, and are easily removed when needed.

Thomas EMP Pack Contains the following Life Support components:

1. Airway Section
The removable airway section is easily removed from the EMP for rapid transport to patient site. Two compartments separate adult airway equipment (designed to accommodate an adult airway mask and bag, and airways) from the pediatric airway equipment (designed to accommodate a pediatric mask and bag and infant sucker).

The top support pouch on the interior lid of the pack is designed to hold the Thomas Intubation pouch. The Intubation pouch is designed to securely carry all necessary intubation equipment to perform neonate, child or adult intubation, including the laryngoscope handle, blades, extra bulbs, batteries, jelly, and a syringe. You can also attach your most commonly used laryngoscope blade to the laryngoscope handle in the ready to position.

2. I.V. Section
Bleeding Section: Easily removed IV section for rapid transport to patient site. Front compartment is capable of carrying BP-cuffs and stethoscope. Back compartment is designed to accommodate I.V. fluids and tubing. Catheters, gauze and tape easily fit into any of the clear vinyl removable support pockets located on the side of the pack.

3. Oxygen Section
This removable pouch will carry a "C" sized oxygen tank with lateral mounted oxygen regulator. Removable O2 pack can be carried or by handle or single shoulder strap. Exterior pocket with webbing tape secures the O2-key.

4. EMP Removable Pouches
Support sections consist of extremely versatile removable support pockets and pouches for carrying a wide variety of equipment and supplies. Clear pouches allow for rapid identification of supplies and quick re-stocking.

Main compartment: 15” x 14” x 7”
Extended pockets: 17” x 18” x 10”

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