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als ultra roller
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TTR150 - ALS Ultra Roller, Orange

TTR152 - ALS Ultra Roller, Blue

TTR154 - ALS Ultra Roller, Black

TTRFF156 - ALS Ultra Roller, Red, Fluid Free

TTR1501 - ALS Ultra Roller (Clear IV Bags), Orange

TTR1521 - ALS Ultra Roller (Clear IV Bags), Blue

TTR1541 - ALS Ultra Roller (Clear IV Bags), Black

TTRFF1561 - ALS Ultra Roller, Fluid Free (Clear IV Bags), Red

TTR150S - ALS Ultra Roller (*Shell Only),

TTR152S - ALS Ultra Roller (*Shell Only),

TTR154S - ALS Ultra Roller (*Shell Only),

TTRFF156S - ALS Ultra Roller Fluid Free (*Shell Only), Red

*(Does not include internal/accessory pouches.)

Thomas ALS Ultra Roller

als ultra roller trauma bag
The ALS Ultra Roller represents the next generation in EMS ergonomics, eliminating the stress and strain of traditional paramedic equipment transport, while still maintaining all of the features of the ALS Ultra.

Key NEW Features:

  • Ultra light (under 3.3 pounds!) internal frame featuring a telescoping handle and inset wheel system, while still maintaining full "backpack" functionality (patent pending)
  • Impervious, quick-clean back panel which allows for rapid and easy decontamination and cleaning post-response
  • Upgraded, dual-adjust backpack straps with chest connect and "tuck- away" pocket, which allows the backpack straps to remain connected for quick carrying, yet protected from contaminants and everyday wear and tear

Oxygen and Airway Components:
The ALS Ultra Roller and ALS Ultra are designed to accommodate up to a jumbo D size oxygen cylinder. The design of the ALS Ultra packs makes O2 access quick and easy by simply unzipping the top zipper pocket of the pack, which exposes the oxygen cylinder's valve, and eliminates the need to remove the cylinder to administer oxygen to the patient. These packs also include a padded cylinder sleeve and straps to secure the sleeve to the base of the pack.

The airway section consists of three separate and removable color coded pouches, designed to hold an adult BVM and airways, a pediatric BVM, and a small intubation pouch set (handle, 4 blades, syringes, and other accessories). Each pouch now also contains a clear vinyl window for quick and easy labeling and identification of each pouch's contents. A large interior clear vinyl removable support pouch, located on the inside lid of the pack, is also capable of holding approximately 16 ET tubes.

Cardiac / Drug Box:
Our soft drug box is protected by two pieces of polycorrugated plastic and three separate 1/2" pieces of self-enclosed foam. The Thomas padded drug box is able to securely hold over 50 separate drug vials, pre-fills, and medications stored in boxed form. It also includes a separate clear vinyl and lockable narcotic section. The padded center section now contains a clear vinyl zippered pouch for additional syringe or medication storage. The outside of the padded drug box includes a dry erase board and pen for patient note taking, recording vital signs, and medication re-stocking reminders.

I.V. Section
I.V. Fluids and accessories can be stored in three separate and removable fully self-contained I.V. pouches. All equipment necessary to start a peripheral I.V. line can be enclosed within each of these pouches, including 1000 ml of liquids, catheters, tubing, gauze, and swabs.

Support Pouches:
This section consists of four versatile clear vinyl pouches designed to carry a wide variety of equipment and support supplies. The two large exterior pockets (now deeper and wider) provide additional storage space, designed to accommodate additional medications or a complete airway set.

ALS Ultra Dimensions:
Main compartment: 21” x 14” x 8”
Extended pockets: 23” x 19” x 14”

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