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airway hard case

TT431 - Airway Hard Case, Orange

TT432 - Airway Hard Case, Gray

TT433 - Airway Hard Case, Yellow

Large Removable Intubation Kit and Modular Foam Divider System can be purchased separately.

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TT742 - Modular Foam Divider System

TT341 - Large Removable Intubation Kit

Thomas EMS Airway Hard Case

ems airway hard caseThe Thomas Airway Hard Case features a large removable Intubation Kit, located in the lid of the Case. The Intubation Kit can be removed and used by several medics in a multiple victim scenarios, or remain secured to the lid and still fully functional. The Intubation Kit is secured to the lid by 6 neodymium magnets, which completely eliminates the need for Velcro on the outside of the kit. The Intubation Kit is designed to hold multiple intubation handles, Macintosh and Miller blades, ET Tubes, Magill forceps, airways, RSI medications, and all other needed intubation accessories. The use of fluid-resistant heavy weight vinyl on the outside of the intubation kit makes decontamination easy. (Includes galvanized steel plate and mounting screws for lid mount.)

The base of the Thomas Airway Case consists of a modular, foam divider system plus 2 removable fold outs featuring clear vinyl, color coded pockets. The base of the Airway Case is designed to accommodate multiple adult and pediatric BVM's.

Interior Dimensions: 18.43" x 14" x 7.62"

Large Removable Intubation Kit Rotating Images (TT341)

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