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*The MCI Man is on backorder until April 15th, 2015.

THS600 - MCI Man

THS650 - MCI Pediatric

THS690 - Electric Pump


mci ped

Thomas EMS MCI Man & MCI Ped

Thomas MCI Man and MCI Ped are a smart, efficient way to help you assess your response system. These durable, inflatable training mannequins save money and time and decrease the liability of conducting mass casualty incident training.

News Story:

Advantages of MCI Man and MCI Ped:

  • Eliminates volunteer hassles and potential for injury.-
  • Use year-round, even in inclement weather.
  • Easy preparation, easy dismantle.
  • Low liability, high flexibility training tool.
  • Economical and reusable.

Features of MCI Man and MCI Ped:

  • Clear chest pocket contains prescripted START disaster scenarios (See Below)
  • Compliant with JCAHO standards
  • Available in adult (MCI Man) and pediatric (MCI Ped) sizes
  • Durable plastic material resists punctures
  • Hot and cold weather hardy
  • Quick inflation/deflation
  • Sandbags in feet keep mannequins in place
  • Grommets on shoulders allow tie-down
  • Stores easily in box for re-use

MCI Man 5' 7" (170 cm) 3lb 8 ounces (1.6kg)
MCI Ped: 30" (76.2 cm) 3lbs (1.4kg)

START disaster scenarios. (pdf)
Adult scenarios
Pediatric scenarios


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