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als medication hard case

TT424 - ALS Hard Case, Orange

TT423 - ALS Hard Case, Gray

TT434 - ALS Hard Case, Yellow

The Large Removable Padded Drug Case and Modular Foam Divider System can be purchased separately.

TT321 - Large Removable Padded Drug Case

TT742 - Modular Foam Divider System

Thomas EMS ALS Medication Hard Case

med case
The Thomas ALS Medication Hard Case features a Large Removable Padded Drug Case located in the lid of the Case. This allows several medics the flexibility to work out of the same Case in multiple victim situations. In single victim situations, the Drug Case can remain secured to the lid and still fully functional. The Padded Drug Box is secured to the lid of the Hard Case by 6 neodymium magnets, completely eliminating the need for Velcro. The use of fluid-resistant heavy weight vinyl and closed cell foam also significantly reduces breakage risk and makes decontamination and basic cleaning quick and easy. The layout of the elastic drug securing system and pocket design allows for the accommodation of all methods of drug delivery and storage (pre-filled, ampoules, boxed storage, etc..) The Drug Case also contains a clear vinyl locking section for narcotic storage. (Includes galvanized steel plate and mounting screws for lid mount.)

drug caseThe base of the Thomas ALS Medication Hard Case consists of a modular, foam divider system plus 2 removable fold outs featuring clear vinyl, color coded pockets. The adjustable foam dividers have been shortened in height slightly, to lessen the depth of the base section and to accommodate the two fold out sections. The base of the hard case can easily accommodate up to 3 liters of IV solution and accessories, your IO device, as well as additional medications. This design allows for all base contents to be quickly and easily viewed upon the opening of the Case. No more digging through the base of your Hard Case searching for equipment!!!

Interior Dimensions: 18.25" x 14" x 7"

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