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4 liter iv warmer

TT661 - 4 Liter IV Warmer

TT520 - *Insulated IV Bag

TT521 - *Insulated IV Tubing - 72"

TT651 - 110 V Converter

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Thomas EMS 4-Liter IV Warmer

Built of rugged 1000D Cordura™, the Thomas EMS 4L IV warmer is everything you’ve come to expect from Thomas EMS.

It is the only IV warmer that can bring up to 4 liters of fluid up to body temperature and keep them ready for use as long as power is supplied. Just plug in the 12 V power supply and forget it, all your IV’s will be body temperature, the moment you need them, no hassle.

The entire case is surrounded with 2 layers of insulation. First a ½ inch closed cell foam providing structure as well as insulation, with an inner lining of Mylar™ heat reflective material.

The heating element is completely removable, and the IV’s can be accessed while staying in the bag. If the fabric materials are over soiled or damaged, snap out the electronics and clean or replace the bag.

ems iv warmer 4 liter warmer for iv portable iv warmer

Key Features Include:
• 4 liter capacity
• Fuse Protected Power Supply
• Anodized Aluminum Heater Housing
• Fuse Protected Circuit Board Controller
• 12 Volt Operation
• Optional 110 V power supply
• Insulated Cordura™ Bag
• Mylar™ Heat Reflective Inner Lining
• Optional insulated IV bag, and IV line insulators
• 1 yr. electronics warranty

Exterior: 13-1/2" x 11" x 3-3/4"
Interior: 12" x 9-1/2" x 2"

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